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Summary of The Lamentation of Old Pensioner

The Lamentation of Old Pensioner      -WB Yeats

The lamentation of the old pensioner is written by WB Yeats who is a famous Irish poet and dramatist. He tries to present his reminiscence of his young life which become more agonising when he looks at his present state and contrast his time of youth with his state in the old age.
WB Yeats remembers his romantic and happy young life expresses his grief in the retired old man. The retired old man is neglected by all. He takes shelter under the broken tree. The old man was happy, handsome and adventurous in his youth. He used to talk about love and politics. Many beautiful girls and womens were his beloveds. He was strong in politics and love. Everyone used to care and love, but now he has been old. All the things are only in memory in his old age. Nobody loves and cares him now. He has been a subject of hattered for his friends, relatives and lovers. He becomes very sad because he has lost all things in his old  age. He shows the bitter experience in his old age.
The poet curses the time is the main cause of his loss. He thinks that times is his enemy which changed him from a handsome youngman to very old and ugly old man. He shows his hatred and anger at the time. Time has been greatest enemy because it has destroyed his youth, happiness, strength and romantic life. Finally, being extremely angry and helpless, the post splits into face of time.

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