Summary of Concrete Cat

Concrete Cat       -Dorthi Charles

The Concrete Cat is an beautiful example of a concrete poem, this poem is just giving focus to the physical picture of cat and not the imagination, emotion and language. This poem is written for eyes not for mind and heart because this poem is made as physical structure of cat through many words that has its own meaning. It does not appeal to the heart because it doesn't show on emotion and thought. It is written in the very short form. Words do not follow the regular pattern of the poems. Some words are left side, some right, up, down, etc. Words are scattered in such a way that they form the real portrait of the thing which are in real world. The main concern of such a poem is with the physical appearance of poetry- not primarily with ideas or emotions and also not with language as we use in our daily life.

This poem says something about a cat's behaviour its action and manymore, its "catness" in action. Ear, eye, mouth, whisker, tail, etc. all these parts are sketched on the page denoted both with physical and abstract meanings. This middle part shows stomach part which says much about the human world and human work.

The words are arranged in such a way that all emotions are kept in a shadow. The real portrait is highlighted in the poem. From the words written in different shapes and styles we understand the poem. Some words are big, some are medium and some words are very small which are combined together  and makes a cat. These small and big words has also its own meanings. The poem creates such a situation that we can see the real picture of cat immediately when we see and read the poem. Outer appearances seem to be important than emotions and thoughts. Different parts of cat's body are presented by the use of unique words in their own required places.

Generally, maximum poems are written in stanza and follow the traditional pattern, rhythm, etc. Different poems are written in different languages and patterns. But, this poem 'The Concrete Cat' doesn't follow that same  pattern. This poem is made for our eyes rather than our ear, heart and emotions. The meaning of the poem is nothing other than the picture of the cat.
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