Summary of Women's Business

Women's Business       - Ilene Kantrov

Ilene Kantrov in her informative essay 'Women's business' describe about some female entrepreneurs who have established themselves as successful business women in USA. She paints a portrait of Lydia E Pinkham and goes on to tell about other business woman and followed Lydia's footsteps to cure the disease of women.
 Lydia E Pinkham advertised the medicines to cure the disease of women. She was the first female who not only advertised her business but also supported women's right, temperance and economic reform. Lydia also printed the report about the female problem and earned a lot of money. She was modern and her followers also used their images as women to sell their products. She played different roles to promote women's business. She brought to her marketing effort to passionate social activism characteristics of many women of her era. She gave practical suggestions about diet, exercise and hygiene. Many women  were socially aware and economically independent by Lydia's effort. Lydia suggested female  customers not go to the male physicians.
Many female entrepreneurs followed Lydia's footsteps and become successful in their lives. Helena and Elizabeth competed not only in selling cosmetics but also attracting European aristocrats to get married. Elizabeth established herself  as a cosmetics business women and focused on hairstyle, readymade clothes and nutritions. Malone established herself as a role of social activist. Like Lydia, she developed an innovative marketing strategy, She started to train black women so that their economic condition can be uplifted. Like Lydia, many American business women offered their customers more than their products. They supplied very hygienic and practical suggestion to their customers and brought a great change in social and economic condition of contemporary women. Finally, they became successful to keep their distinct identity. In masculine world many female entrepreneurs are also following Lydia's footsteps till now in America.
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