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Summary of I Have a Dream

I Have a Dream      - Martin Luther King

I have a dream is a speech delivered by Martin Luther King to millions of Afro-American(Black People)  on the occasion of hundred years of emancipation, proclamation on August 28 1963 AD. King had given this speech to avoid racial discrimination between black and white and provide freedom, equality, justice and black rights to all black people as promised in American constitution.
According to the king, the proclamation would bring great hope to all black people. They were hoping of free state without discrimination and social boundry. But, their hopes are shattered and neglected. In American societies, there is still strong racial discrimination, injustice, hatred and inequalities between black and whites. The blacks are treated as slaves and are exiled in their own country. They live very miserable and poor life among the rich whites. Only white peoples enjoy rights of life, liberty and persuit of happiness not black people.
King thinks that racial injustice will break the formation of American Societies. The black are  suppressing their anger but not satisfied with behaviours of white people. King request black people not to do any violent work and only do revolution in a disciplined way. He says his people to keep on struggle not with physical force but with spiritual force. King describe racial  injustice as quicksand and brotherhood as solid rock.
King has a dream that one day the chains of hatred, racial discrimination, injustice and inequality will be broken. The new sun will rise with the rise of hope, liberty, equality, peace and brotherhood. It is not only king's dream but also the dreams of whole America. It is a dream of freedom and Justice. He hopes that there will be no more racial discrimination in the future and everyone will not be judged on the basis of their skin colour. All blacks and white people will work together joining their hands as brother and sisters. There will be a sweet relation of harmony, brotherhood, peace and justice all over America. one day America will be free Nation.

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