Summary of The children who wait

The children who wait.      - Marsha Traugot

Marsha Traugot in her essay 'The children who wait' suggest the reasons for a new trend in adoption system in America. She also suggest that such kind of new trend must be adopted and traditional system must be broken down.
In the past, before 1960 AD, only healthy, energetic white infants could be adopted. The unhealthy and handicraft children were thought as damaged goods. But now, a five and half year old black girl 'Tammy' who is suffering from fetal alcoholic syndrome has been freed for adoption. She is very attractive and her social worker is searching for one or two parents of any race or color. There has been great change in the field of adoption system because of the Civil right moments, birth control, Social Science Research, black right movements, changing social values and norms and harsh economic reality. Because of civil right movement, the attitude of American peoples towards negro children changed. Due to birth control and legalised abortion, fewer unwanted babies were born. Even the unmarried woman could keep their babies with them because of changing social values.
The number of homeless children is increasing day by day. If such children were left in the foster for a long time, they would suffer from learning disabilities, pseudo-mental retardation, mental illness, criminality and many other abnormal behaviour. But the government does not care about these children. Putting a child in fostal care is very expensive and cruel. So, the system of adoption should be changed. Even the social workers should change their attitude. These social workers must adopt even the unable and handicapped children. Proper informative must be given for adoptive parents. The social worker must meet their children frequently. They should open child care centres and hold meetings. The writer hopes that 'Tammy' gets a warm hospitality family.
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