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Summary of Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel      -Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

This story is based on :

- Fairytale, an imaginary story.
- The story of poverty.
- Reflects cultural and social aspects.

Characters :

Hansel > Brother
Gretel  > Sister
Woodcutter  > Father
Stepmother  > Wife of a woodcutter
Witch.  > Owner of Gingerbread house

* Critical Interpretation :

- Marxist point of view.
- Feminist point of view.
- Psychologist point of view.

Summary :

The main summary is the two children were left in the deep forest with the advice of cruel stepmother. In the forest, they found the gingerbread house. they eat chocolate and food as much as they can. there was a witch from which they were unknown. The intention of which was so bad. When  Gretel came to know about that which she makes a plan and closed that witch inside fire room. After that, they returned home with diamonds, pearls, gold, etc. The stepmother already died. Then they enjoyed their life with very rich life.

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