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Summary of The Grandmother

The Grandmother -Ray Young Bear

'The Grandmother' is written by Ray Young Bear who is American Indian poet as well as novelist he was born in Indian tribes is principal theme is the contemporary American-indians search for identity. The poet has drawn the realistic pictures of his grandmother by using images like metaphor and simile. The poet remembers the remarkable shape, movements, voice and activities of his grandmother. He shows deep love and memory towards her. He finds his grandmother all-loving and all inspiring. He is inspired and motivated by is grandmother's words what's which flows inside him like the light. Physically, she is already dead but spiritually she is alive in the form of memory for eternity. His grandmother used to wear a purple scarf armed her head and used to go to market with plastic shopping bag. When she used to put warm and damp hands on his head to express her love to him, he could easily recognize her hands because there is a strong smell of roots. Sometimes, he goes to the gravestone and imagines having a voice coming from the rock. He thinks that the voice is his grandmother voice. She has been a source of love and inspiration for the poet.

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