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Summary of The Last Voyage of Ghost Ship | Class 12 | High School |

The Last Voyage of The Ghost Ship      

- GG Marquez

The last voyage of the Ghost Ship is a story written by GG Marquez who is a famous Colombian novelist and story writer. In this story, the writer presents the experience of a boy from his boyhood up to his manhood. This story describes the growth of an ordinary boy to an assertive(confident) young man.
 According to the story, the boy has become a mature person. He wants to show how he has changed in the process of time. In another sense, He remembers his past days. Many years ago, the boy had seen a large and tall ship without any light and sound. One night, the large ship passed by his village and sailed to the other side of the sea. The most surprising thing was that when the lights fell on it, it disappeared and when the lights were off it would reappear. The next day he could not see the ship so he thought that it was only a dream. The boy was growing up every day. In the next march, the boy again saw the ghost ship in the sea. This time he was sure that it was not a dream but a reality. He told his mother and other people about the existence of the ghost ship. But, nobody believed him. His mother thought that his mind was out of order. She sent a boatman to observe whether there was a ship or not. The boatman only sawfish and hair but not the ship. The mother becomes very sad. His mother brought a wheelchair from the town, and sat on it thinking about her dead husband and later she died.
Then, the boy becomes a total orphan. Nobody loved and cared for him. People started to beat, hated him. People threw the evil chair into the sea. The boy got more problems and obstacles while growing up day by day. He determined strongly to prove who he was. Isolation and anger made the boy strong, courageous and adventurous. He stole a boat and waited for the ghost ship. The ship reappeared and the boy guided it to the village's church. They were surprised to see the large ghost ship. Finally, the boy proved himself matured, strong, adventurous and assertive by showing the existence of the large Ghost Ship to the villagers.

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