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Summary of God's Grandeur

God's Grandeur       -GM Hopkins

God's Grandeur is a Sonnet written by an English poet GM Hopkins. In this poem Hopkins praises the magnificence of Glory of God in the world.
The word is filled with the greatness of gods. God's Grandeur is found everywhere in every object. Sometimes the glory of god flames out with sudden brightness and sometimes like the oil flowing out from the pressed fruits. Men born and die but the poet questions that why men donot care about his punishment ? Human beings are unaware of the punishment of the god. They do not care god's greatness because they are too concerned with work. The world has been made ugly by commercial activities and hardworks. The beauty of nature is destroyed by men's industrial activities. Because of industrialisation, they have made the world ugly and worse place to live. Generations of people have followed the same path. The earth has become bare and smeared(dirty). The forest have been chopped down but people are unaware of this. Human beings cannot feel either the earth is soft or hard because of the shoes.
Through, people are destroying the beauty of nature, there is freshness, the poet presents the spring season which renews the nature. The sun rises and sets and the God continuous to watch over the world. The god is both creator and protector. He broods protectively over the world with his bright wings just like a bird broods over its babies with its warm breast.

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