Summary of A Child Is Born

A Child Is Born      -Germaine Greer

Germanine Greer is a feminist writer and lecturer, born in Australia. In this essay, the writer compares the role of children in traditional agricultural societies with that of children in western, industrialized countries regarding pregnancy, childbirth and child rearing and bearing. In matters of pregnancy, in the traditional societies, a women has to follow customs, traditions and rituals. Although there are the possibilities of danger in  childbirth,  the traditional behaviours make the pregnant women forgot her worry. She is supported by her husband, relatives and her community. She feels quite safe and doesn't have any mental problem. But, there is not such kind of management in highly advanced modern societies. In western societies, the pregnant women has to manage all the preparation of pregnancy.
In traditional easterb societies, infant and mother mortality rate is higher. In such societies, child birth is possible with the help of mid-wives and other trained women. In traditional societies, the child relationship with extended family is considered more important. Pregnant women are loved, cared and supported by their husbands, family members and all the relatives. After the childbirth, the women are respected and praised much for their coverage. People organised different parties to celebrate the birth ceremony. There is feasting, singing and dancing. The whole family helps her to rear the child. Mother gets permission to go to her mother's house for few months. But, there is not such kind of management in modern Western society. There is no one at home to welcome the child and to praise the courage of the mother. In modern societies, delivery conducts at hospitals. The nurses are so careless that they donot give time for the newly born baby and pregnant women till the critical situation of mother. She has to face different kinds of mental and physical hazards. There is no one to encourage and support her. No one is emotionally attached to the mothers as well as the baby. So, the child birth in traditional societies is far better than modern societies.
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