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Summary of The Purgatory | Class 12 | High School |


-WB Yeats

The dramatist has arranged the drama related to the civil war of Ireland. There are many symbols to show this like the mother's weeping soul represents the unhappy motherland, burnt house to the destroyed country, fight to the civil war and the broken tree into the unhappy people of Ireland. The scene is that a father and a son is talking to each other in front of a burnt house. The father is telling his son that his father was groom, and he married the daughter of his master. After, marriage, he began to spend the money of his wife. She died after giving birth to a son. Every year he saw the soul of his mother weeping on a window. He thought his mother was still suffering in purgatory. He wanted to free his mother soul. He thought that his father was a cause of it, so he killed his father and burned the house, but he still saw the soul of his mother. The boy's father was telling this and also said his wife also died after the boy's birth.
His son is rude and impolite. He is asking his father for a property. He believed that his father is pretending to give him property. He is even ready to fight with his father. The father feels that his son will kill him and the circle of killing the father will continue. So to stop the circle of violence he killed his own son, but he still sees the soul of his weeping mothers soul.

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