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A Powerful Story 'A Small Act' | Motivational Story |

 'A Small Act'

Maria had a neighbor to whom she talked occasionally. They weren’t close and their conversations were pretty much how neighbours' conversations normally are: purely small talk.

One day, Maria found out that her neighbour’s husband passed away.

The neighbor, who was always so friendly and chatty, suddenly wasn’t so chatty anymore.

Maria wasn’t sure what to do.

She, then, decided to buy her neighbour a card and flowers. She knocked on her door and said how sorry she felt and gave her the two small gifts.

As the neighbor closed the door she said something really nice, maybe it was to herself, or maybe it was to Maria, she couldn’t tell. But both the neighbor and Maria were really moved by what had just happened there.

They were both at very different moments in their lives and probably had had the most diverse day that day and had opposite feelings, but they felt connected. Nothing would have changed in their lives if Maria hadn’t given her the flowers, card and knocked on her door; however, something good happened because she did. Even if it was just for a minute, it brought a little smile to someone who was probably feeling like not smiling at all for the past few days. And Maria realized how the smallest act can make a difference in someone else’s life.


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