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6 Best Ways To Study



1) Find good location for your study.

Studying in places that have noise and people traffic is worthless for your study time. You should always study on those place where there is peace and noone to disturb you. This will results in improve your ability to recall information that you went over during that time within very short time. Changing study locations rather studying in same location is more benificial for your study. So instead of sitting for hours on same place, get up once in a while and find another spot to finish your study session. This will help you to study fast in less time.

2. Gather your materials which are required for your study.

Before starting your study first of all you should gather your all necessary equipments for you. Get your al class notes, old tests and assignments, class handouts, past exam papers, question sets(Old is Gold), calculator  and relevant textbooks. This will help you to study fast because whenever you need this you don't have to go and search this one by one.

3. Make a study plan for your all subjects.

Making an effective study plan or routine is a most essential components of doing best in your exams. By planning out your study routine, you can give proper time to all subjects and can score suitable marks.So Create a time chart of your current activities. Factor in classes, work, time spent with family and friends,watching TVs, mobiles etc. and make study plan according to this. This will allow you to see how much free time you have available for study.

5. Take breaks

Taking breaks rather than continuous reading is more benificial for your study. After a while of non-stop studying, you begin to lose focus and the quality of your study. Give yourself a few minutes while stydying, go for a walk, changing location. Just take some time to pause and take a deep breath so you improve your focus and productivity which helps you to develop your reading time.

6. Test yourself

One of the best ways to prepare for your study is by taking tests. Even though we might hate to admit it to do test, taking practice tests will help always to relearn the information you've already learned. It enhances and boosts your understanding of the subject matter you're studying. You can also ask others to ask some questions which you have studied. This will let you know where you have to improve for your study.
Follow this steps and obtain perfect marks good luck:)

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