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Summary of The Lost Doll | Class 11 | High School |

The Lost Doll

 -A story from Colombia

Carmen was the one and only child of Roberto and Rosa Soto. Carmen was a beautiful, bright and loving child but however, she was sick from the first day of her birth. When she was four years old, she suffered from serious sickness and died. A few days after the funeral ceremony of Carmen, Rosa gave all Carmen's playing things and clothes to a priest from another village so that she couldn't get hurt again Carmen. She also knew that she wouldn't have another child as she was told at the time of Carmen's birth that it was only her last child she can give birth to. When Roberto knew about this medical report, he became very unhappy because he was hoping that they would have another child. Roberto asked Roza about Carmen's little doll which Carmen always carried and played with her. Rosa said that she didn't give it to the priest. They searched that Carmen's favourite doll everywhere in the house, fence, every room as well as asked the neighbours and villagers too but they couldn't find it anymore.

After a long time, they didn't find that doll. They soon forgot about the lost doll because now Rosa has become pregnant. Everyone was happy and this happiness caused them to forget about their first child who died. On the first anniversary death of their daughter 'Carmen', Rosa gave birth to another child. Roberto and Rosa became very happy. A newly born baby was named Evangelina, which means "good news". When Evangelina grew up day by day she looked very much similar to her sister Carmen. The great dissimilarity was Carmen was unhealthy but Evangelina was a healthy girl. When she was about four years old, she told her mother that she had been sick for a long time ago. She also told her aunt that she had a little, beautiful doll with blue eyes and a red dress. She had buried it under a tree in the yard a long time ago. They cannot believe what she is speaking about. She requested her mother to dig up the doll in the yard near a tree. When Rosa dug up the ground, she found the lost doll which was Carmen's doll buried inside the ground. She looked surprised, shocked and sick because it was difficult for her to believe in this situation. Evangelina further said that when she was sick, the nice man came and helped her to bury that doll under the tree in the yard.

The story in this case here is the supernatural significance regarding focus on the concept of reincarnation. When Evangelina was born and grown-up, she looked very much similar to Carmen's behaviours, characters, and many things were very much similar that it was hard to define who is Carmen and Evangelina if they are kept together. The priest said that God healed Carmen and sent her back in the form of healthy Evangelina. Though Rosa did not believe that her newly born child was the reincarnation of Carmen because she only believed in modern science but she could not reject the mysterious fact towards the end of the story and also it was also surprising that advanced modern science also failed in its report. So when Evangelina reported everything about her past and about her doll, Rosa could say nothing anymore. This shows that it is a complete supernatural story.

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